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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

books and all that jazz

I can't keep apologizing for being away so long, can I? Must I?

I belong to a book club here in our little town, "The Literary Guild". It's been here forever...I am in the youngest group of ladies who belong. I will be 50 this summer.
It is a luncheon meeting, and we don't all read the same book, but someone signs up to give a "book talk" during the lunch. We all listen attentively, our faces rapt with attention. I am sure way back in the beginning they all wore hats and gloves.
There is no doubt in my mind. I feel guilty when I show up in my jeans. (even with a nice jacket)

One of the things or services we do...actually it's the only one we do....is give a dictionary to every 3rd grader in our county. We all donate money towards that and pass them out in the fall with our name inside "The Literary Guild".
The teaches will have their students write thank you notes and just last week at our literary luncheon we read them.

Ya gotta love 3rd graders.
These are some of the lines...

"Dear Literary Clud..."

"Hello. I live in Nevada. Do you live in Brazil?"

"PS: my favorite part is the L's"

yep, ya gotta love the "L's". hahahaa... they are such cute letters. The ones from the 3rd graders, not the "L's"

Next week, my two other book groups meet...the ones where we do read the same book and discuss. Usually they don't' meet the same week, but this month they do, and for some reason, I am hosting both of them.
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society on Wednesday, and
The Lace Reader on Thursday.

I liked both books, but I LOVED Guernsey. Just loved it. I've read it two times. It was that good. Usually I don't reread a book, because I have so many still in my TBR pile.
Exceptions are "Jany Eyre" and "Little Women" and "Seventeenth Summer" (first read in my 8th grade year) and "Mrs. Mike" (also first read in my 8th grad year).
Oh...and "The Godfather" (surprisingly, also in my 8th grade year. My parents had no idea)

Interesting... I went from "Seventeenth Summer" where she kissed a boy on the 3rd date and didn't want us, the readers,to get the wrong impression of her... to "the Godfather" where Sonny Corleone taught me about adultery and oral sex, not that I understood any of that, but funny how the two had the biggest impression on me. I wonder.......


Sara said...

Sounds like they are all good books. We are trying to get the Guernsey county one for our book club here, but there is a huge wait list!

Sandra said...

What a great idea, giving out dictionaries. I love the responses.
I really liked The Guernsey book too. And I adore your header. I hope it's going to be there for a while because I'd like to see it there when I visit.