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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Booking Thru Thursday on Sunday

*** I'm going to put this answer on my blog. For my answer for Booking Thru Thursdays. It's a bit late, but......***

I don't think I've ever gotten a book as a gift...that was life-changing. Oh, I guess the question was....was it memorable, or notable?
I don't think so.
I usually buy them before I can get them as a gift.

But let us see what the rest of the Friday Friends have to say....
(not ALL the rest of them, because 3/4 of them didn't answer)

from Barb in Buckeye:
I was seeing a great guy in Seattle and he took me on a very special lunch to a wonderful restaurant and gave me the book "Gone With the Wind", which I had barely mentioned at one time as being my favorite book ever.And I think that's the only time I got a book as a present! Unless you count the Xmas Mike gave me a Fred Meyer gift card so I could go buy a whole bunch of paperbacks. I had such a good time in their book dept.!

from Georgann in San Leandro:
It was either God' Men or The Good Earth by Pearl Buck given to me by a teacher. I then continued to read many of Buck's novels. I may have read all of them. She became one of my favorite authors. Saw her in person in the early sixties.

from Sally in Phoenixville:
Gone With the Wind. When my daughter found out that I had attempted it twice and not finished it, I soon received it as a gift for Christmas. I suppose I forgot to mention my lack of desire to see or read it. When your kid buys you a book, you have to read it. I did manage to read it sometime that year. Loved it, but probably won't do it twice.

from Ashley in Meridian:
My grandparents Mamaw and papaw gave me my first bible for my first communion and I still have it. They even wrote a message and signed my book.
Whenever you give a book as a gift you should always sign and date it so the person always knows who gave them the book I think it makes it special

from me/debbie:
I'm sorry to say, that I have never ever read "Gone with the Wind", and I have no desire to either. I've never watched the movie either.

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