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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Book Mark Monday

Okay....2 things.

It's not Monday, it's actually Tuesday, but it's my birthday and I want to show off my bookmarks. Bookmark "Monday" Sounds better. :~)

and 2nd...I don't know how to start a "carnival" or a "show-me-your-bookmark" contest, or whatever you call them....

(and I very seriously doubt that anyone but my friends and family check out my blogs)

but every week...hopefully on Mondays, I will showcase a bookmark of mine. LOL

I have many. Many, many.... this showcase will go on for years. And years. Probably won't even have "blogs" by the time I run out of bookmarks.

This is my newest bookmark --I'll start with that one.

Coffee book mark. Coffee and books...they seem to go together.

It is currently holding my place in "Pride and Prejudice" which I am reading for the "Classic Bookclub".
It's on page 1. (because Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plump is holding all my attention for the time being )

Coffee Bookmark.

Come on friends...what have you got? Bring 'em on.
(that sounds great, but sadly, Mitzi is the only one I know who also has a bookmark collection. :~)


Jen said...

Hey Debbie, I have a bookmark collection, but not on purpose. I didn't buy them all with the idea of having a collection...I just have this issue...I guess it's related to that book issue I have...I see the bookmarks, I think they're cute or unique or fun...so I have to buy them. The one I use the most right now is a "no-skid" bookmark that my sister gave me. Very pretty. Has butterflies all over it. I like this one because my cats can't pull it out of my books!! :) Anything tassled is not practical in MY house!

Debbie said...

I think they do..."just happen" and before you know it....you have a hundred and you realize you have a collection!
I have 2 cats and a bassett hound, Monroe. Monroe is a...well, he takes treasures and burys (burries?) them, so I have to worry more about him than the cats! LOL

sadie607 said...

i tagged you on my blog