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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Waffles and Bookmarks

Yes, seriously....

My favorite waffle recipe comes from a Newberry Honor book....

"Everything on a Waffle" by Polly Horvath

Would could have known? My two favorite things in one!!!

It's a cute, cute story about a young girl who looses both her parents.... well, gee, with a beginning like that, it might seem that this book is not neccisarily "cute", but it's done in that imaginative, playful way. Like all the emotion is out of it and it's just a young orphan girl who is passed from relative to relative. It's good natured and not dark. How's that for description?

But today is Sunday and we had the waffles!!!

Hooray for waffles... and hooray for author Polly Horvath for putting her recipe in the book!

Today is Sunday, but by the time anyone looks at this blog...it might be Monday.


From my personal bookmark collection...

book mark #2

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