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Monday, April 13, 2009

Have I got cookbooks for you! Weekly Geeks.

Today is my frist time being a "Weekly Geek".
Here is the question (or assignment, as the case may be..... )

What shall we cook today? It seems that for most of us, a bit of our book obsession would carry over to the cookbook genre, so this week for Weekly Geeks, let's talk cookbooks! Here are some ideas to get you started:--Describe your cookbook collection. How many cookbooks do you own? A lot? Just a few? None at all?--Do you even buy cookbooks? Or do you gather family cookbook compilations and/or recipe files instead?--Do you like to collect certain types of cookbooks? Say, from certain chefs? From places you visit? From a particular food group or style?--When buying cookbooks, what do you look for? Does it need to have pictures? Spiral binding? A specific type of font?--What is your favorite cookbook? Tell us the story behind it.--Tell us about your most well-used cookbook. Is it different from your favorite cookbook? Or are they one and the same?--Take a picture of your collection. How and where do you organize it?--Share a recipe from one of your favorite cookbooks. Include a picture if you can.

I'm sorry if you arrived here expecting a long blog post about my cookbooks. Only sorry, because I'm going make you go here, to my cooking blog.

Please click on the link......Please check it out. I just didn't want to explain all over again about what a cookbook addict I am. You can just hit the link, go over to my post about my cookbooks (over 200 of them) and take a peek inside my strange life.
I collect cookbooks like I collect books.... and then I can't bear to part with them. I can read a cookbook just like a book.
In fact, my standard book bag, when we go on a trip includes this:
the book I'm reading
a book for when I finish the one I'm reading
a cookbook
2 magazines

and that's just for a day trip to Reno. You don't' want to travel on a long car-trip with me. I'm one of those lucky people who can read, write, journal, organize address books, in the car. And I do it too. (what else do you do when you're in a car for 8 hours?) (well, one time I took a picture every 15 miles or so of our 500 mile trip...so I could journal about it. Hmmmm, weird? yes.)

This is my first time to Weekly Geeks, but I know I'll be back.

Let me leave you with this.... go to my cooking blog and read my cookbook post. (It's one of my better posts. LOL )


claire said...

I love your cookbook collection! And I can relate with you on your addiction.. my husband is a chef and he never goes anywhere without a food magazine or other.

farmlanebooks said...

WOW! A cooking blog! I wish I had the time to do that too. Some of the things you've cooked look delicious!

Welcome to Weekly Geeks! I look forward to seeing your geeky posts in the future!