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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Musing Mondays and a bookmark

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about blog comments
How do you respond to the comments on your blog? Do you try to email individually or comment on post yourself answering the comments above? What do you think is the best way to respond to comments and do you respond to all of them? Do you feel slighted if you don't receive a response back from the blog owner? (question courtesy of Jenn)

...oh the guilt...THE GUILT. I don't respond as often, or how I want to.
When I read the comments people leave to me, I think, "oh wow, I know how she feels," or "how kind of her, I need to let her know, " or "that reminds me of..."

But I don't always answer as I should.

When I do, I either comment on a blog post of theirs, or I e-mail.
At first I felt e-mails were intrusive to people, but I don't think they really are.... are they?
I mean, I don't mind getting e-mails at all from bloggers when I comment. In fact, I rather enjoy it.

I don't feel slighted if I don't get a reply when I leave a comment.... I figure that if everyone ALL THE TIME, commented on everything, it would take up their whole day.
I understand there is some unspoken courtesy in the blogging world about trying to reply to or acknowledge as many comments as we can.... and this is why I am feeling the guilt.
There has to be an easy way. What can it be?
A personal assistant?

and on and on......

If we are not careful, the quality of our lives will be solely limited to "techo" things. So, no, I don't feel slighted if someone doesn't answer me. I just like to be pleasantly surprised when they do.
We all have lives!!
I have two blogs....this "semi" book blog and a cooking/food blog. Both things take up a lot of time.
They are my hobbies. I love to read, I love to cook, I love to blog and read other blogs, I like to walk/hike, all these things take time. OH...and I have a full time job also, one that includes being present at "events" in the community, and husband, and children/grandchildren, I belong to book clubs, go to church.

WHAT THE HECK? I don't have time for a blog. I don't have time to comment.... I have to go clean my house, that never seems to get done.... LOL LOL

I will try to be better about replying to comments on my blogs. But I'm going to e-mail them from now on. And like I said, if I don't hear from people whom I've commented to.... it's all okay, there are worse things in the world.

I'll end with my bookmark for today....
with a quote from Tallulah Bankhead


Rebecca said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. And I think you're right about the unspoken understanding amongst bloggers.

Oh, and I LOVE that bookmark! especially since my sister and I have recently taken up journaling.

Sheila said...

I think blogs have different functions and depending on what you think the purpose of your blog is determines whether one responds to comments.

I don't think it is intrusive to email, I believe it would be actually flattering; but I also don't believe it is expected at all.

I try to leave comments on the post after comments have been left; I also will check back with blogs to see if a response has been left only if I asked a question or if I am looking at another post later.

It is great to respond, but not expected.

Yvonne said...

I try to leave responses to comments, if needed. Otherwise, I like to spend my time visiting other blogs.

I love that bookmark!

bermudaonion said...

You do just fine. Not all comments need a reply.

Jenny Girl said...

I just like you have no time. I also have a knitting blog, which I haven't updated in quite some time.
Please don't feel guilty. I never get offended if I don't hear back. I think commenting on your commenters blogs is a good idea though. And no, email is never intrusive.

LOVE, Love, Love that bookmark!

Beth F said...

Very cool bookmark -- and no guilt permitted!

Jenners said...

I very much understand! And I prefer getting e-mails! It is kind of fun. And I know what you mean about the guilt ... but the worst thing that could happen is that someone stops reading your blog ...and is that so bad? My husband keeps reminding me that it is for fun and not a job -- I need to remember that! And don't feel obligated to comment back! You were already at my blog today!

Nise' said...

>>>>>.spraying>>>> guilt be gone! Just do what feels comfortable.