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Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to choose a book

I haven't posted in quite some time....
so I'm throwing this in there. LOL
From my little "friend forum"
I was looking for a book to read...narrowing it down and I needed help.

this is what I sent out:
I get to read something "for fun" (no book club or challenge)I have narrowed it down to three....or four, but Rich won't pick for me. He thinks it's stupid. :~) (that I can't just chose a book by myself)

so...what should I read?

1. A Fountain Filled with Blood

2. In Big Trouble

3. The Lace Reader

4. Brother Odd

and they replied:

from Barbara Brown:
WooHoo!! I'm back!!And number one does NOT sound like fun. So at least I helped you narrow it down to 3...................

from me/debbie:
she "woo-hooed" herself. What if I didn't want to woo hoo that she is back.
Very presumptuous! LOL
(I'm glad she's back) but......she did not pick a book for me to read.

from Meghan Stone:
I don't recognize any of those...except Brother Odd might be a Dean Koontz?? who I don't like...I used to ...now he bugs. I am reading The Kitchen Gods Wife by Amy Tan right now...
QUICK...dinner ideas?? I want to do something delicious and yummy and different... I am headed to the Market and always end up with random ingredients that are boring...

chicken caccaitore. mmmmm....that sound really good!!!
Now, I've helped you....you help me.
(some of Dean Koontz are a bit out there, but I LOVE the "odd" books....Odd Thomas, etc. )

from Darleen Evans:
4. Brother odd - is it by dean koontz? If it is you have to read it. I love him. Also I just finished SAIL by James Patterson..OMG..talk about good!! I never heard of the other books on your list. I read murder mysteries mostly, James Patterson, John Sandford, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, etc. Don't read romance novels at all, haven't for over 20 years. I got hooked on Dean Koontz when I read WATCHERS, back in the early 1980's, on Guam. I have NEVER read one of his books I haven't loved. Sometimes they tend to be a little gory (OK, a LOT GORY) but he is such an excellent novelist.

from me/debbie:
THANK YOU...the only one who helped me!
And.... this is what happens in book-club. We don't always agree on what we like.
i.e.: meghan and darleen, who are semi-related, but not really, and have never met, but know each other well.
Books are like.... well, food, I guess. WE all don't like what each other likes, but we know we need to eat.
or something like that. LOL
I loved the old Dean Koontz. And then I quit reading him. And then I began (because Gina told me to) his "Odd Thomas" Books and I love them.

I used to read romance all the time, but I haven't in years and years. And then I'll try one and it just doesn't cut it for me.
Case in Point: Nights in Rodanthe. a Nicholas Sparks book. It was painful for me to finish.
It was love, love, ooooo you made me what I was meant to be love.
I know that many, many people love Nicholas Sparks...I loved "the Notebook", but anyway, he is just too...too....predictable for me. (which isn't fair of me, since I love murder mysteries, which are sometimes very predictable...???)
BUT, I so love Richard Gere's hair, that I will go out on a limb here and watch the movie. This could be one case where the movie is better than the book.
I like the two actors.

I digress, (as usual)
Rich just walked up behind me and asked me what I was up to.... "getting people to help you pick a book?" and he rolled his eyes.