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Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Monday and I have a bookmark.

It's Monday, and I have a bookmark! But it's also late and I'm tired....just got back from a wedding in Washington. (more on that later).

My favorite "used" and "independant" book store was closed for the holiday weekend (in my hometown in WA), so we ended up going to Barnes and Noble (we live in a small town with NO bookstores, so they are all special to me). Anyway, I picked up this bookmark while I was there. Spanish sayings. I need to learn them, so......


Smilingsal said...

That could be helpful. I never use bookmarks.

I use a post-it for a bookmark. It never slides out and falls to the floor the way a bookmark does.

sadie607 said...

I think this must be the spanish from Spain version only because of the word "vale" meaning ok. I had never heard that word used until I studied in spain. So I think it's interesting they have it on the book mark.

My random thought for the day.

sadie607 said...

and now that I look closer I see it has the flag of spain on it, so clearly it is spain spanish. I guess I need to pay more attention before writing. But I was just so excited to see vale, because i like to use it but no one here knows what it means

And I realize this is a lot of commentary on a bookmark