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Friday, September 26, 2008

Stolen Idea

Somewhere, somehow in the land of blogging, I came across a link to Martha's show...the one she did about bloggers..and her whole audience was full of bloggers, you know the one.
And in the 9-minute clip I watched, she introduced me and her audience to two bloggers, from the Portlands. Portland Maine and Portland Oregon.
To make a long story short, every day for one year they took a morning picture and just sent it to each other. This has become a book!!
I, of course, will buy the book (or put it on my Christmas list) because besides being a huge bookworm, I also love a good coffee table book! (who could not?)
To make another long story short, I was telling this to my "Friday Friend" Forum and some of us 3 or 4 out of 40, thought it would be a fun thing to do with each other.
Some of us (me) find it hard to sustain something like this....(so I say Hurrah for the authors of "A Year of Mornings" ), but it'll be fun while it lasts.
For the Friday friends anyway.
And even tho, not all 40 participate, they LOVE TO LOOK. So, even tho we are strewn across the United States, the picture project might be skewd to look like we are from Nevada and Connecticut only. We'll wait to see who else participates as time goes on.
So...since Wednesday night (which was book club night by the way...) here is what we have.
(and yes, some of us [me] are a bit obsessive and started out by a goodnight picture too)
but first I have to tell you what Lisa said....Lisa my so-called friend. ( LOL Love her!) she said "I don't thinkyou could do this! You would have to talk.....:) "
(the authors/bloggers/photographers didnt' discuss what they took pictures of ), so...what is Lisa saying about me?
and Sadie and Jolina are all for playing along... Jolina said:
cute, cute
I'm going to do this all weekend.
Now for the Friday Friend pictures from across the country!

My table after book club. Nevada

my cake...I made if from scratch! Nevada (sigh. Okay Lisa, I guess I do have to 'talk' )

my morning begins...early 5:00 a.m. Nevada

Good morning from New Haven, CT. Yale University

Jolina's Morning desk...waiting for the bank to open in Winnemucca, NV

just out of bed...Nevada

Raining in Connecticut today.

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Audrey said...

Hi, Debbie, thanks for visiting and your nice comment! I just started my blogs and I appreciate the encouragement. I've bookmarked you, too...this looks like a great project.