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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What is on MY nightstand?

What's on my Nightstand.

well....what's in the basket beside my bed?

The Twilight books.
And yes, that is a Harlequin romance you see there. ONLY BECAUSE a local author wrote it, Jeannie Watt. She has written three and I have every single one. Although I've only read one. The two in my basket are "A Difficult Woman" and "The Horseman Returns". To tell the truth it's kind of embarrassing to have a Harlequin there. What does that say of me? I do find it honorable, tho, that I am telling the truth and you get what you see.... LOL I mean, I could have stacked some very philosophical and literary books there... a photo op. But then, when you read my blogs, you'll be thinking--WHAT? By the look of her books, you'd have thought she would write more smart.....hmmm, nope "more smart" is not good English. (would have been a better writer :~)

So, this leads us back to the Harlequins by the bed.
This just doesn't sound good.... I am getting in deeper and deeper. LOL

Actually, It's kind of fun to recognize names and places in a book you read. Watt uses local places and has asked permission to use local names also. We're a small community in Northern Nevada, so it really has been fun to read.
Jeannie Watt has also spoken at "my" book club. I know authors! I got connections.

I think tonight I'll pickup "The Horseman's Secret"..... a good cowboy, love-story, before going to bed. Just the ticket, don't ya think?
(seriously tho....there has to be a literary masterpiece hidden under all that fluff, I'm sure of it)

Oh...and if you look closely on the floor (no one said I was a great housekeeper ), you will see two tapes....subliminal weight loss tapes. (sigh), I KNOW they don't work.


bermudaonion said...

I, too, love books that are set in a place that is familiar to me.

Smilingsal said...

No need to feel guilty about being authentic. I'm like Popeye--"Iyam what I yam!"

Nise' said...

Your post cracked me up! Good to know that the subliminal tapes don't work!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

LOL subliminal tapes -- probably under the pile is a good place for them.

Josette said...

Nice basket. I don't keep all my unread books in a basket though...I stick them into any empty spaces left on the shelves at home!